Skeptic Check: Naomi Klein | Big Picture Science

Our information age is increasingly the disinformation age. The spread of lies and conspiracy theories has created competing experiences of reality. Facts are often useless for changing minds or even making compelling arguments. In this episode, author Naomi Klein and science philosopher Lee McIntyre discuss why the goal – not simply the byproduct - of spreading disinformation is to polarize society. They also offer ideas about how we might find our way back to a shared objective truth.

Naomi K

The Ocean's Genome | Big Picture Science

After helping to sequence the human genome more than twenty years ago, biochemist Craig Venter seemed to recede from the public eye. But he hadn’t retired. He had gone to sea and taken his revolutionary sequencing tools with him. We chatted with him about his multi-year voyage aboard the research vessel Sorcerer II, its parallels to Darwin’s voyage, and the surprising discoveries his team made about the sheer number and diversity of marine microbes and their roles in ocean ecosystems.

Craig Ven

HealthDay Now: How the New Suicide And Crisis Lifeline is Answering the Call to Reach More in Distress

HealthDay Now: How the New Suicide And Crisis Lifeline is Answering the Call to Reach More in Distress

HealthDay’s Mabel Jong is joined by Colleen Carr, Director of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and Cal Beyer, a member of the NAASP Executive Committee and a Workforce Risk and Worker Wellbeing specialist, about the rollout of the shortened 988 lifeline. Beyer and Carr will discuss how the lifeline works, why expanding mental health resources needs to be prioritized, and wh

The Pandemic Robbed Thousands of NYC Children of Parents. Many Aren’t Getting the Help They Need.

This story was produced in collaboration with THE CITY, Columbia Journalism Investigations, Type Investigations and City Limits as part of “MISSING THEM,” THE CITY’s COVID memorial and journalism project.

Type Investigations freelance reporter Muriel Alarcón and CJI reporting fellow Chris Riotta contributed reporting. Research by Columbia Journalism School’s Shannon Rose Geary, Shelby Jouppi, Amanda Torres and Jessica Vadillo and THE CITY’s intern Emi Tuyetnhi Tran.

Translation by freelance journalist Lila Hassan and City Limits reporter Daniel Parra. Fact-checking by Paco Alvarez and Ethan Corey for Type Investigations.

Inside Planets | Big Picture Science

With planets and moons, it’s what’s inside that counts. If we want to understand surface features, like volcanoes, or their history, such as how the planet formed or whether it’s suitable for life, we study their interiors. Astronomer Sabine Stanley takes us on a journey to the centers of Venus, Saturn’s large moon Titan, Jupiter’s moon Io, and of course Earth, to help us understand how they, and the solar system, came to be.

Sabine Stanley - Planetary scientist at Johns Hopkins University and

Vaccine Inequity | Big Picture Science

A radical plan could solve a historic global health inequity. Countries in the global south who waited for more than a year for ample supplies of Covid vaccines have banded together to make mRNA vaccines locally. If successful, they could end a dangerous dependency on wealthy nations and help stop pandemics before they start.

In a special episode, supported by the Pulitzer Center, journalist Amy Maxmen shares her reporting from southern Africa about the inspiring project led by the WHO that’s made fast progress. But it could fail, and a global imbalance will remain, if Big Pharma has its way. Find out what’s at stake.

Lady Parts | Big Picture Science

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe has ignited fierce debate about bodily autonomy. But it’s remarkable how little we know about female physiology. Find out what studies have been overlooked by science, and what has been recently learned. Plus, why studying women’s bodies means being able to say words like “vagina” without shame ... a researcher who is recreating a uterus in her lab to study endometriosis … and an overdue recognition of medical pioneer Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler.

Melody T. McCloud

A World of Difference | Understanding and Supporting Twice-Exceptional (2e) Kids | Season 2022 | Episode 5 | PBS

This episode of “A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity” introduces a twice-exceptional teen podcaster who shows the world why “exceptional” should be underlined. Experts unravel the confusion surrounding twice-exceptionality. And “Difference Maker” John “Jack” Horner reveals how his success with science helped him bury his struggles with undiagnosed dyslexia.

This Week in Rent: Free Internet, E-Scooters, and Record High Home Sales

The 90-year-old Riverside Church is broadening its footprint in Morningside Heights and Harlem.

After purchasing the landmarked McGiffert Hall from Columbia’s Union Theological Seminary in June 2020, Riverside now owns two blocks of property spanning from 120th Street and Riverside Drive to 122nd Street and Claremont Avenue.

“We need to be prayerfully seeking out what God would have us do and be in the next 90 years so that we can continue a vibrant community that is serving not only Harlem, b

In This Week's Newsletter Guy Fieri’s Ghost Restaurant, a Beyoncé Grant in the Bronx and Billboards on Broadway…

You can’t take a trip down to Flavortown, but delivery’s an option. Guy Fieri’s ghost restaurant is one of an increasing and unknowable number of restaurants that operate without a physical location but thrive on food delivery platforms like Uber, DoorDash and Seamless.

Now, Manhattan’s Community Board 6 is taking the first step in an effort to regulate these proliferating operations. During a Sept. 30 meeting, the Board decided to draft a resolution that would create a system to identify and p